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Cool for school 2018

1 August and 23 October 2018

The Cool for School interactive performance-workshops introduce students to pivotal styles of improvised music, from traditional jazz to electronica.

In a high-energy, entertaining atmosphere, students gain valuable insight into various aspects of music including composition, ensemble work, music as a vocation, aural skills, stagecraft, improvisation, and the Australian music industry.

The Cool for School programs complement the NSW secondary school music syllabus and are reflective of contemporary music practice in Australia today. 

cool for school - winter: the vampires

"Like a history lesson for your ears"

Date 1 August 2018
Time 11am-2pm
Venue Rafferty's Theatre,
Riverside Theatres, Parramatta
Tickets $20, with one free teacher per 15 students. Book here

"The Vampires play with wit, soulful melody and invention… ⋆⋆⋆⋆” - The Australian

About The Vampires:
The Vampires are like a history lesson for your ears, embodying all that is old and new about jazz, and everything in between. You’ll hear cool reggae, romantic afro-Peruvian, Cuban dance, exotic Balkan and funky afro-beat.

Featuring award-winning saxophonist and composer Jeremy Rose (2009 Young Australian Jazz Artist of the Year) trumpeter and composer Nick Garbett (2017 Freedman Jazz Fellowship Finalist), best-selling double bassist Jonathan Zwartz (multiple Jazz 'Bell' Award-winner), and drummer/percussionist Alex Masso, The Vampires have been compared to early Ornette Coleman, the Catholics, Bob Marley, and Masada.

With four critically acclaimed albums, they’ve toured their exuberant live show across the UK, Europe and every major jazz festival in Australia.

About the session:
In the first half The Vampires will entertain with some tunes, followed by a Q&A on life as musicians or whatever the students wish to ask.

After a one-hour lunchbreak, the students get to actively learn as The Vampires break down some of their compositions into their component parts, and talk about why they incorporate particular grooves such as reggae, afro-beat or South American.

COOL FOR SCHOOL - spring: rhyme & reason

"Uncover and identify some of the most common rhythms found in contemporary music"

Date 23 October 2018
Time 11am-2pm
Venue Rafferty's Theatre,
Riverside Theatres, Parramatta
Tickets $20, with one free teacher per 15 students. Book here

About the session:

This is consistently one of the most successful Cool for School performance workshops.

Led by drummer/percussionist Evan Mannell and producer/bassist/synth player Neal Sutherland, this highly interactive program focuses on the fundamental of music: rhythm.

Students will uncover and identify some of the most common rhythms found in contemporary music, including R&B, hip hop, rock, jazz and dance music.

Students will learn how to create old from new – sampling and referencing old tracks to make new music. They’ll participate in a range of body percussion, vocalisation and transcription exercises, and listen to a mixture of recorded examples, programmed loops, and live performance on drumkit, electric bass, MPC (sampler) and Logic/Mainstage (computer music software).

There is time for Q&A, so Evan and Neal can share their extensive knowledge from years of experience in the music industry.

About Evan Mannell and Neal Sutherland:
Producer, bassist and synth player Neal Sutherland has co-written and recorded with PVT, and worked/toured with Robbie Williams, Sarah Blasko, Sophie Lowe, Jack Ladder and The Dreamlanders, Sally Seltmann, Sarah Belkner, Lovers Electric, Grafton Primary, and Ginger and the Ghost.

Drummer/percussionist Evan Mannell has worked with Lior, Tim Rogers, Sarah Blasko, Ngaiire, Montaigne, Bertie Blackman, Kasey Chambers, Renee Geyer, Marcia Hines, James Morrison, Angus and Julia Stone, Gurrimal, Paul Kelly and many more.