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About Us

Our mission

Sydney Improvised Music Association Inc (SIMA) is committed to facilitating the performance of contemporary jazz and improvised music. We aim to be recognised as the leading national contemporary jazz organisation, through our ability to program music of excellence for existing and new audiences, and our support of a vibrant jazz culture in Sydney and Australia.

Our Story

The Sydney Improvised Music Association Inc. (SIMA) is a not for profit incorporated association. Formed in 1984 but is hard to overestimate the importance of SIMA to the Sydney jazz scene. The number of gigs it has organised in that time is also impressive but raw figures don't begin to tell the whole story. The organisation has been a crucial anchor for improvised music in the city, a constant and dynamic presence.

SIMA - led with extraordinary determination, energy and strategic adroitness has always put the art form and the musicians first. It has championed veteran artists of importance, such as Bernie McGann and John Pochée, and consistently encouraged younger players to develop their talents by giving them opportunities to perform in front of sympathetic audiences. The Necks played one of their first gigs for SIMA.

While maintaining an unstinting commitment to Sydney's music culture, SIMA has never been parochial. Indeed it has embraced and celebrated the international nature of jazz, presenting and touring many important overseas artists from North America and Europe, including Dewey Redman, Geri Allen, Andrew Hill, Steve Lacy, James Carter, Oliver Lake and Horace Tapscott. Local musicians often performed with these significant figures, occasions that sometimes had the unintended consequence of emphasising their own originality and prowess.  

SIMA has also regularly presented adventurous ensembles from other parts of the country and fostered good working relationships with organisations, such as the Melbourne Jazz Co-op, Jazz QLD, Wangratta Festival of Jazz and Blues, WAYJO to name a few, that broadly shares its objectives.

Over 30 years SIMA has proven remarkably resilient. The best bit is that the story is far from over, there is a lot more music to come.     

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SIMA has a management committee (Board) of nine, elected for a rolling term of three years at the association’s Annual General Meeting. The maximum serving of two consecutive terms before standing down for one year.

Membership of SIMA is open to the public and any member of SIMA who is financial at the time of elections can stand for nomination to the committee.

SIMA receives support from the Australia Council and Arts NSW and the City of Sydney.

Strategy and Planning with the support of anzarts-institute.com