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greening from ear to ear
DATE Saturday 15 December 2012
TIME 8.30 - 11pm
VENUE The Sound Lounge
TICKETS $20 / $15 / $10
(Non-Member, Member, Student)
Book online or call 9351 7940

James Greening’s first new band since he formed The World According to James in the early 90s has a stellar line-up and, as could be expected, a book of attractive, yet challenging original compositions. It’s no surprise this sextet line-up includes old Greening collaborators (The catholics, Ten Part Invention, Wanderlust) Paul Cutlan, Andrew Robson, Fabian Hevia alongside outstanding drummer Hamish Stuart and much in-demand accordionist/pianist Gary Daley. Greening’s music has always been about colour – here he has a broader palette from which to work. The band made its debut at the recent Kinetic Jazz Festival to acclaim from both the audience and critics:
“Greening’s trombone has the delicious plumpness of a ripe mango. The sad bits and the funny bits become jumbled, and there can be no higher praise”. (John Shand, SMH)

Greening From Ear to Ear is a seven-piece project, an extension of James’ philosophy– that of music as a dialogue. James has composed a new diverse and engaging suite – “Tam O’Shanter Tales”, an encapsulation of his creative life so far, tipping his cap to the great musicians that have shaped his vision.  Come and witness the joyous range of grooves and moods that James and his extraordinary group of musicians create on their journey. Greening from Ear to Ear features a menagerie of instruments, including James’s 1926  sousaphone – a sight and sound that needs to be seen and heard to be believed.

James Greening (trombone, pocket trumpet, baritone horn, sousaphone) Gary Daley (piano, accordion) Paul Cutlan (bass clarinet,tenor sax) Andrew Robson (alto, baritone saxes) Brett Hirst (double, e bass) Hamish Stuart (drums) Fabian Hevia (percussion)

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