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Freedman new jazz

"A voice to split air molecules atop a little orchestra"
John Shand, SMH (Freedman New Jazz: The Three Seas)

Summer jazz

"Fireworks erupt when 12 gun improvisers get the keys to a hot vehicle"
John Shand, SMH (Summer Jazz: Phillip Johnston - Page of Madness Suite)

"Andrew Robson's blood-curdling ballads get modern musical treatment"
John Shand, SMH (Summer Jazz: Andrew Robson - Child Ballads album launch)

"What has been keeping The catholics fizzing for 25 years: Its collective heart"
John Shand, SMH (Summer Jazz: The Catholics)

2016 Sydney International Women's Jazz Festival

"Angelic voice shrouds singer's secret self"

John Shand, SMH (SIWJF: Gian Slater)

Sydney Women's Jazz Collective
John Clare, Jazz Australia (SIWJF: Sydney Women's Jazz Collective)

"Compositions instantly burned into the memory"
John Shand, SMH (SIWJF: Ingrid & Christine Jensen)

"Hurricane Melissa unleashed in late change"
John Shand, SMH (SIWJF: Melissa Aldana)


Summer jazz

“That was how it began . . . I had no to desire the play the trumpet at all . . . very random.”
Interview with Phil Slater, Jazz Australia (Summer Jazz: Phil Slater)

Article by Cofin Ed, Altmedia (Summer Jazz: Phillip Johnston - Page of Madness Suite)

Article by Alannah Maher, Altmedia (Summer Jazz: Great Scott!)

"A fresh twist on traditional ballads and folksongs"
Interview with Andrew Robson, Jazz Australia (Summer Jazz: Andrew Robson)

2016 Sydney International women's jazz festival

"Breaking the Glass Ceiling"
Article by John Shand, SMH (SIWJF: Ingrid & Christine Jensen)

"Women swing into action at Sydney International Women's Jazz Festival"
Article by Amy Cooper, SMH

Sydney International Women’s Jazz Festival
Article by Greg Webster, Altmedia