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Freedman new jazz: The three seas
DATE Saturday 18 March 2017
TIME 8pm-9.30pm
VENUE Australian National Maritime Museum
2 Murray St, Sydney
TICKETS $30/$25/$15
(Non-Member, ANMM & SIMA Memb/Conc, Student)
BOOK ONLINE or call 9036 6292

The Three Seas combines elements of Indian folk music with a western style of song form and production in a band of performers from India and Australia.

Centre stage is the master folk singer Raju Das Baul. His amazing stage presence, arresting voice and virtuosic Khamak playing showcase the best of the Baul tradition.

Deo Ashish Mothey brings his enigmatic style from the mountains in Darjeeling, while Kolkata based rock drummer, Gaurab Chatterjee (from the famous Bengali band Lakkhichhara), smoothly bridges musical cultures.
Band leader and saxophonist Matt Keegan with master bassist Steve Elphick complete the unique sound of the band.

Sydney saxophonist Matt Keegan was awarded the 2011 Freedman Jazz Fellowship. His Fellowship included a creative project to transform Piramal Haveli — an Italian inspired structure in the village of Bagar deep in the Rajasthan desert — into a recording studio to create music by The Three Seas.

The Three Seas debut album “Haveli” is available on Yum Yum Tree Records.

Raju Das Baul
lead vocals and khamak Deo Ashish Mothey vocals, guitar, dotora Matt Keegan saxophone, clarinet, harmonium Steve Elphick double bass Gaurab Chatterjee dubki and drums

Presented by SIMA and the Australian National Maritime Museum, with the support of the Freedman Foundation and The Music Trust.

Illustrations by Johannes Leak